You are not your customer

Let us position you as an industry leader to get more great clients


We accelerate your design process


We design with your dream client in mind


Our solutions drive prospects through your sales & marketing systems


No need to wait 3-6 months for branding design - we do it in 4 weeks or less


A VISION BRAND combines long-term company goals and alignment with ideal customers, delivering a clear direction for growth.

Phase 1

Discovery & Research

We get to know you. We ask why your best customers work with you, why have they chosen you, and why they would choose you again.

Phase 2

Brand Refresh

Based on goals & ideal customers. We craft your aesthetic & message for your best customer. We build customer avatars, user experience strategies, and customer journey maps. We are paid to face conflict up front and address it.

Phase 3

Design & Application of the Brand
We use the new aesthetic & messaging to refresh your marketing materials & web presence.

How long is the design process going to take?

We’ve designed our Vision Brand Method to finish in a month or less. We schedule each stage of the process to allow just enough time for our “creative genius” to manifest while pushing the team to produce their highest level of work on a fast pace. The straightforward schedule, steps, and procedures are what make this process fast paced.

When will I start seeing my refreshed design elements?

We spend the first half of our design sprint performing thorough market research and developing fresh concepts. Our first “reveal” meeting will be in the second or third week of the process, once we know we have done our due diligence as a team.

What is my involvement in the process as the client?

As the client you will be our first source of knowledge to discover what is working within your company brand, and what isn’t. The method launches with a very intentional discovery session (free of phones, kids, and animals) where we dig deep, get to know you, and gather as many pieces to your puzzle as possible.  This is a necessary step to our method to keep all action moving forward geared towards your ideal customer.

How do I know if I’m right for this process?

The best companies for the Vision Brand Method are medium sized companies who want to reach new markets in order to scale. Our system and creative expertise produces strong results for medical specialists, technology and product based companies, and custom home engineering companies. We have also worked well with several other industries and can customize our process to fit yours.

Erik Soper

Founding Partner of Vision Brand

Erik brings his experience as owner of Clarity Business Design to Vision Brand. His strategic approach to the web empowers our clients to leverage technology to save time and effort while communicating effectively with their customers.

Angela Kelly

Founding Partner of Vision Brand

Angela brings her experience as owner of Kelly Design & Photography to Vision Brand. Her education in visual design & merchandising brings a strong eye for aesthetics to the brands we serve.